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Mums & Dads - You are being watched!

Now your son/daughter is learning to drive, they will be watching you even more closely than ever before! If you are willing/able to take them out for driving practice they will be asking you even more awkward questions!

Most probably you learnt to drive several years ago, since when, your copy of the Highway Code has remained closed (do you even know where it is?), and you have developed your own driving style.

In fact, the world of driving has moved on, car design has changed, road layouts have changed, the Highway Code has changed, and what is expected of a new driver has most definitely changed.

A recent sample of experienced drivers found that less than 18% would pass a driving test. (without first taking a few lessons!)

Why not invest in a few lessons for yourself? So that you can fully appreciate what is expected of your child. So that you are better placed to help them. So that you can up- date your driving style.

NO L plates, NO lectures, just knowledge and advice!

Even if you do not intend to provide additional practice, remember . . . . . . . . . . .

You are being watched!

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